CCS walk: Olympic Stadium

Last week me, Logan and Abby went on a trip for CCS to Westfield Shopping Centre and the Olympic Stadium.The trip there from Tottenham was uneventful. Once we got there though, we were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people in and around the station, even if we went there relatively early on a Monday.
First off, it was very difficult to find the real way to the stadium – the signs around Westfield shopping centre were strange and not well-placed, which made it a hassle to find our way.

Once we actually found our way to the stadium, it looked… dull and abandoned. I will say, last year I lived about 10 minutes away from the stadium, but I never bothered to go because it never peaked my interest.
I personally don’t think it’s a very interesting spot to visit, but there were still quite a lot of people there; although compared with the shopping centre behind it, it was nothing.
Tourists were taking pictures of every little thing there was to take a picture of, at every possible angle. I was more interested in my cup of coffee and finding a nice place to sit down.

Once we made ourselves comfortable on a bench by the river, I noticed how blank our side of the bank was. A few lonely trees and benches, whereas on the other side, there were loads of different plants and decorative bushes making the environment look like a proper park. And so we sat having our teas and coffees, watching the ducks in the water. There was really nothing else to do. And honestly, I wasn’t too impressed.

In the end we just took a couple of pictures and went on with our day. I suppose a few years back during the olympics, the stadium was an interesting place and you would be able to meet loads of different people there, whereas now  it’s pretty much exclusively middle schoolers and middle-aged people.
Uf I had to make a T-Shirt as a souvenir for this visit, it would only say “I visited the Olympic Stadium and I was unimpressed”, but seeing as I had to make a postcard, I did this instead:


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