Ping Pong paddles – the final

So I know I’ve not really been posting about the ping pong exhibition but…

I finally finished my paddle!

Here’s how it went:
I hated the project from the beginning, mostly because I’m not a big fan of ping pong and had no idea what to put on my paddle. So my first sketches turned out to be crystals and mushrooms, but I wasn’t sure if that would pan out, seeing as lots of people did lots of work that was actually ping pong themed. So I scratched that and put the sketches away into some deep dark place somewhere in The Void, because I can not locate them anymore.

Obviously, as you do, I put it off til almost the last second – I only did my initial drawing a few days ago, on Wednesday last week. I brought it in stuck to a piece of foam board, because I wasn’t 100% about what the final execution should be (aside from putting it on a real paddle, duh). I got some good feedback from Cecilie, who advised me to buy a real paddle, sand it down and all that good stuff, and redraw the illustration in acrylics. Sadly, I am very poor at the moment, and I couldn’t afford to buy acrylic paint – I don’t use them and I am not a big fan of anything that’s not watercolour or markers.

So what I did in the end, once I found out that my actual drawing was stuck to the foam board forever – thanks double sided tape! – I cut the actual paddle out of the foam board! I cut out 2 additional pieces for the handle as well. I drew an illustration for the other side of it, and that’s when I got frustrated. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make the paddle look presentable: the foam board, even when cut with a scalpel, was horrible uneven on the sides.

And that’s where my great idea came from. I realised I had a stack of felt sheets that I had bought over the summer, and I decided to sow felt over the edges. And I think I did very well with that! I chose 2 tones of green felt, and it took me about 2 hours and 3 documentaries about prison to get through the sowing. I will admit, sowing was kind of therapeutic in a way and let me get rid of some anger and anxiety that I’ve been having over the CIP group project.

I stuck the other illustration on the backside of the paddle, sowed the edges up with felt, and then sowed the handles onto the paddle as well. I must say, I am quite proud of this! I spent nearly £0 on the supplies (the foam board was quite cheap and I had my boyfriend buy it for me, ha ha) and I still made a great looking paddle!




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