Ping Pong!

The first project this year for CIP (Creative Industry Practice) was coordinating and putting on an exhibition-auction of ping pong paddles to go along with FiveFootSix’s annual ping pong bat auction. I was a bit late to join the party, but I successfully joined the social media group.

It was going fairly well at the beginning, I had access to the facebook page and instagram and twitter accounts from the get go. I suggested changing the name of the facebook page from Casspapertopaddle/papertopaddle to “Paper to Paddle” for readability reasons and easier user experience (easier to find it on facebook, etc), but that wasn’t really looked at until the very last day and it was only changed because Kieron advised to do it.

Either way, everything else went quite smoothly when we finally got the work sorted out between everyone – I ran the instagram, James ran the facebook and Logan ran the twitter, so everyone had their fair share. Also just to put it out there, James started the whole work by himself which was a lot for one person to do. We did have a lot of hiccups (for the design, descriptions of the pages, people accidentally putting up posts they did not intend to put on the event page that contained bad language etc), but I think for a first time thing it was alright.

Now for the future, we should remember a couple of things to do differently:

  1. Page/event names have to be consistent throughout all platforms and easily findable/readable and not a jumble of letters (unless, obviously, the jumble of letters IS the title of the event/page/brand, otherwise it has to contain actual spaces between words)
  2. Page descriptions have to be consistent with each other as well and you should NEVER start a page description with “I am marketing to you____”, “This page is to market____”, you have to market without actually saying that word (that was a thing going on through facebook page/even and the twitter until it got fixed). On the same note, constantly changing the descriptions around isn’t a very smart practice either unless it is minor tweaks.
  3. All pages have to be updated consistently, every day, over a certain amount of time. Before the jobs got properly sorted out, the twitter and facebook were running properly, but the instagram page had only about 3 posts on it before I joined the group and started uploading posts. Along the same lines, the content on all of those platforms has to be tagged appropriately so that the general public finds out about the event and the profile – no one will find your event if you are only tagging the posts with #londonmet, unless they are specifically looking for London Met events or similar.
  4. Although all the social media platforms were consistently updated with posts, the event page on facebook was not. All it contained throughout was the description telling you “This is to market ____”, the place, time, and a little bit of what it is about. Otherwise, the event page had no updates on it.
  5. The address of the event had been put on the banner used throughout all platforms, but there were no communication methods (email, phone) anywhere for anyone to get in touch and ask questions about the event. That could have been handled better.

Advice/input that has been followed: spacing out posts throughout the day (though that was not followed to the T – posts were appearing one after the other with about a 20 minute break on facebook), not allowing any inappropriate language, the facebook page title had been changed to a proper one, even though it was too close to the date of the event and you couldn’t find the page before that unless you knew it was spelled without any spaces; sorting out jobs and accepting that this is a group effort and not a one-man show.

I think all of us still need to learn a lot from this experience, mainly that you can’t run a group project and have all the control to yourself and that there needs to be proper communication between people running the whole thing. All in all it was a great experience on how to deal with people and conflicts. And to end this post, here is a screenshot of the instagram account I was running and my very own paddle made specifically for the event:


12235063_1090953394250210_3835926474597805932_n 12234946_1090953370916879_3246770322947247545_n

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