Peter Kennard exhibition at the Imperial War Museum

We went to IWM Tuesday to look at Peter Kennard’s exhibition. Most (or the whole?) gallery space is curated by the artist himself, which is real cool if you ask me. The exhibition consisted of 4 separate spaces and so almost 4 different exhibitions in themselves.



The first space features big scale prints of medals with some quite grim imagery mixed up in there.
The second space consisted of mainly square monochrome prints which I personally did not enjoy as the work looked like someone was trying out Photoshop effects for the first time, and so I did not take any pictures.



The third space had small sized posters framed on 2 walls, the other 2 walls had bigger format posters on cardboard that you could physically flip through. In the middle of the room there were a couple glass cases containing books, newspapers, pins and postcards in them.


The 4th space was a very smal room with an installation curated by the artist himself. That space felt a bit overwhelming with the amount of work in it, but it was great nonetheless.

Needless to say, I left the gallery very impressed and inspired.


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