Burning Questions: The Reject Pile

Just a small update to show you what I’ve done with my Burning Questions project; this blog post features the designs that did NOT make the board and were chucked deep into the abyss of google drive for later.


political2These were made with a custom designed typeface (hand written by yours truly) that was made with http://www.myscriptfont.com/
adly these did not make it because they just don’t cut it. They are too “tense” and not enough in any way – an interesting experiment indeed, but they are bland and not inviting to look at, just plain writing on a white background. No assembly or composition.




These did not cut it because even though the layout is interesting, text going over the images isn’t always a very good idea, and it certainly isn’t in this case. Also the standing issue that the images used in this are sourced from the internet and probably would not be allowed to use them for a project like this. Last point being that just putting text “Is this too political” on the image when the initial idea is “can ART be too political”, kind of implies that the piece in itself is art, and I wouldn’t exactly put it in that category; rather an artistic experiment.


This one is just plain boring! I am really working hard on learning how to not be scared of type and arranging it in fun ways that would not just produce plain text on a page, but also an image made entirely out of text. Thank your for reading!

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