Burning Questions finals

After lots of different advice from various tutors and lots of thought, I have completely reworked my burning question posters.

With critiques from different people I got extremely overwhelmed with what I wanted/needed to do with it and got myself really upset, so I just went and did this poster.

polPoint being that anything can be political now and with all that advice of what i should/shouldn’t do, I produced a completely empty sheet of paper with just the label that includes the title of the piece (essentially the burning question itself), my full name and the date. I brought this (and the next one) to Matthew, he thought the idea was quite witty and I could do a lot with it – possibly get some really nice thick paper and instead of writing the label, just emboss the letters onto the paper, that way it would look like it’s a completely blank page, but upon looking closer you can see that there is actually something on it.

Then after a couple of hours of frustration and disappointment, I went and did this collage, featuring David Cameron looking lovingly at Hitler, some crying nuns and a police officer, and femen activists with their knockers out.


Both of these posters are my final ones for Burning Questions project, but I will probably continue working with them after a while to produce something else.

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