Paul Jenkins: Triple Double

Paul Jenkins is a very inspirational speaker, even with how humble and modest he is when talking about his own achievements. He runs a deliberately small graphic design studio called Triple Double, that often teams up with other companies. Triple Double has worked with Adidas, Airbnb and so on. The studio does almost everything – photoshoots, icons, digital design, social media projects etc.

It was incredibly helpful to see Paul’s thought/work process. So here are some key points from the talk.

How to process your briefs? 

  • Bring your personality
  • Immerse yourself (to become an expert, become an expert)
  • Collaborate (there is ALWAYS a better designer, developer or client)
  • Perfection doesn’t have to be boring

How to begin working? First remember that…

  • Your process can and will define how the client sees you, not just the final outcome
  • Your process is infinite
  • People are more important than ideas – you can’t get the right idea without the right team
  • Add 50% to the time you think it’s going to take you
  • Develop it
  • Test it
  • Improve it
  • Using your free resources (parks, gardens, etc) and being smart about it is very important
  • If you have an idea, keep going at it and be politely persistent

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