Research on Social Media Approaches

Starting my internship role at the Hothouse as a digital and social media designer, I needed to do some research on how people approach their social media for business to achieve effective marketing.

On my own social media, I try to post often, preferably daily or at least a couple times a week when available, and tag with appropriate hashtags where applicable.

However, for a company, or a studio in this case, the approach should be considered more thoughtfully. The first thing to consider is company goals and needs. For the Hothouse, the biggest “need” is probably exposure. The Hothouse’s social media advertises both the creative studio and the university itself, which is crucial to attract new students and encourage existing ones to partake in the Hothouse.

One of the objectives of the Hothouse social media is to garner more followers, students and professionals, to raise the visibility level of the studio and university. It needs to look approachable and welcoming as well as professional and outstanding.

A key point in social media strategies that I wanted to implement after looking over all the channels, was sorting out the content and using each platform to its greatest capacity. For example, the Hothouse Tumblr was filled with long articles and interviews as well as images and short quotes. However, the tagging wasn’t appropriately done and in turn rendered useless, not bringing any attention to the tumblr – after all, when I started it only had about 19 followers while the Twitter and Instagram had marginally more. The tactic that should be applied here is to sort content out properly and allocate what goes where. We discussed this more with Alistair Hall in the session about social media branding.

Another important part of running social media is allocating roles to everyone involved. I myself am the sole social media designer in the studio, which means I am responsible for almost everything that goes up there unless some of the staff want to post something. However, it is nearly impossible for me to generate enough content to fuel the social media unless it is solely pictures of the interns and staff getting on with work. So one important thing that can be done here is to get everyone available to make a collective “bank of images” on the shared files, so that I can pick out content to go up online with captions and tags.

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