Alternative Limbs!

Long time, no see! I keep forgetting that I actually have to run a blog and update it. But either way, we are working on a new project for CIP, called Beyond Limits.

essentially, we are designing prosthetics that are out of this world and we can go as crazy as we want – some people have chosen to do bionic eyes or stretching arms and crazy stuff. I’m staying with just good old regular prosthetic limbs, arms and legs, but in a different way. I am really interested in ART limbs.

There is a very interesting project called The Alternative Limb Project (inventive, I know), which you can view hereThe lady behind the project is named Sophie de Oliveira Barata, and she has teamed up with a performer named Viktoria Modesta, who originates from Latvia. They have come up with some intense limb designs; Viktoria was born with a deformed leg and chose to amputate it below the knee, and now her an Sophie are making some really interesting stuff together, such as these:

They have also collaborated on a music video for Viktoria

What I find really intriguing is that Viktoria is not trying to hide her disability. She is not letting it stand in her way to success and recognition, her artistic expression; she is actually using it to her advantage, she uses it to bring something new into the music and performance industry. Sophie has made some absolutely stunning pieces for her, from The Spike that is minimalistic and kind of terrifying to the shiny gem-encrusted leg that reflects light. Viktoria does not want to hide herself or blend in – she wants to be out there and recognised for all that she is.

That’s what I want to associate my final outcome with: showing the world that disability like limb amputation is not the end of your life and it doesn’t mean you will never achieve anything or be anyone. My project is about showing people that not having a leg or an arm is not the last stop and you can still express yourself through your prosthetic, you don’t need to hide that you have a fake limb. I was also thinking of incorporating the subject of self-defence (arms/legs with spikes or pepper spray or something), but I will keep that for a different time.

Sketches and progress shots for this project will follow next week so stay tuned!
You can also follow my non-uni works on instagram @lukanoir if you so wish (self-promo at its best).

One thought on “Alternative Limbs!

  1. typingandthinking says:

    Hahahha I always get like that. Dont think about my blog for ages and hthen like oops! This project seems like an amzing thing to be involved in! Please keep the progress updated on your blog so I can see wwhat you come up with! I would be very grateful if you could check out my blog also!


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