Duke of Uke: I am late for every party

Today was the day of the final Duke of Uke project critique. I have had a horribly hard time with this project and had to redo everything about 50 times because I was constantly unhappy with what direction it was moving to – so obviously out of frustration I didn’t even show my progress to anyone and just chucked it all (ah, the life of a frustrated artist). Clearly I did not REALLY qualify to be chosen to work with Duke of Uke either, so I just showed what I had to Cecilie afterwards. I’m actually glad I did that POST critique, as I picked up a whole lot of key points where I can update and make my design better, so it will need another rework and proper finishing up, obviously.


I sketched out a couple window display ideas, but everything was boring – everyone is doing ukuleles already, or Hawaiian ladies or something else from the same line of thought. So I went with designing a window display featuring Hawaiian native plants! I love plants. I researched some native species for a while, and lined up some structural sketches.


My whole idea behind it, is that the plants would cover the whole window, leaving an empty space in the shape of a 10, so passers by could peer into the shop through it. However, after sitting through the critique, I realised I made one key mistake – the window is not massive, so papercut plants would prevent any light coming inside the shop. Something quite easy to overlook when you’re only working on a sheet of paper. Cecilie gave me a great idea of actually drawing the plant outlines on the window, and for the celebration day/week colour them in with washable paint. Therefore I’ll expand on that idea further on a different material, see-through plastic thing that people use as covers for spiral bound document sheets or such (I have no clue what they are called, great, I know). Keep your eyes peeled for an update on that.


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