Self Promotion for Artists

Today’s CIP lecture wasn’t only about the critiques for the Duke of Uke project, but also a good talk on how to self-promo as an artist. Here are some key points from Cecilie:

  • Business cards are convenient for In Real Life meetings, but other things are good as well, such as postcards featuring your work and contact details etc
  • Always think about your audience – who are they?
  • A good IDEA is always what you need first (using a holistic approach, several variations of the same idea and message); CONCEPTS, MESSAGES, EXCITING
  • Look at what others are doing successfully, ANALYSE how and why it works
  • Own identity and method of self promotion is not stagnant and forever – update occasionally
  • Find what you like and are interested in – this will make you stand out from the crowd
  • Infographic CVs are amazing if you can do icons (otherwise, not so good)
  • Great things don’t have to have a massive budget, but they have to be exciting
  • You can be seasonal and not boring
  • Use give-aways as examples of your work

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