Talk by Aine Donovan: Art Directing

Aine Donovan came to visit Press Pass studio today and talked to us about a whole lot of things, mainly directing an art show/fundraiser from scratch.

Aine is an art producer from Ireland, and is currently working for BBH, and also runs an amazing virtual journal called They Made This. She also set up, produced and ran a show and fundraiser titled She Lights Up The Night, where she had invited an incredible array of different artists to produce pieces of art to be sold, and the money went to a womens charity called Refuge.

She Lights Up The Night, courtesy of


However, she didn’t only talk about setting up such a huge project, she also gave us some insight into the ad agency life, told us that the graphic community is very supportive and friendly, that the best ideas come out of nowhere, that having a strong sense of who you are is what will take you far, that you have to aim high, that being told “no” is NOT the end of the world, how to find balance between busy work life and leisure/ de-stressing and so much more. She was an absolute joy to have as a guest in the studio, the talk was insanely interesting, mainly because she gave us some real life tips on how to deal with stuff, cracked jokes the whole time and has an fantastic personality that just lights up the room. Not for one second did I even consider dosing off, it was THAT good.

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