Always late: TALENT magazine

A word of caution – my “always late” doesn’t mean I’m late to submit my work, I’m late to update my blog with new work. Anywho. So I finally took pictures of my Grafik article top 4 compilation magazine!


I really would have done this earlier, but it took me about 50 years to trim the magazines – all done by hand with a scalpel, resulting in fits of rage, lots of shredded paper, but surprisingly not one cut. What made my task even more difficult was that the magazines were printed on quite thin printer paper, but I can’t complain, it was free.


Now that I have the magazines in my hands, printed and trimmed, I can see lots of little mistakes all over the place (font sizes not matching up, the intro page having massive fonts, things not lined up, layouts that could have been done differently etc), but overall I am quite proud to have done it.


At some point I will fix up all the mistakes and re-print it.



Also, fun fact, I shot all of this in my back garden. The black and white background is a badly painted door that’s peeling off. Doing this at home also made me aware of my surroundings and how I can come up with a “set” (generous word) for no cost whatsoever.


Ah, finally, the great back cover ad. Beautiful. Thanks Print Britannia!

The artists featured in the magazine are as follows:
Josep Duran
Corbin Mahieu
Lauren Youngsmith
Suthipa Kamyam

All text taken from Grafik


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