Self promotion: internet

It’s not news that to make business connections in today’s world, you’ve got to be involved online. If you do not have at least a badly designed blogspot, chances are you will have a very hard time networking and finding clients that aren’t your aunt. So a couple weeks ago we had a session with Cecilie about self-promotion and branding, which gave me some good insight on how things work. I successfully implemented that new found knowledge while assembling my work for the final assessment and my portfolio. However I wanted to show my readers (i.e. mostly university staff and peers) how I’m running my social media!

I spend tons of time on social media, talking to friends all over the world, looking for inspiration, reading about news and so on. So I run quite a few accounts (this being one of them). Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr are the main ones, although I have some less used accounts elsewhere. To start off with, all of these main accounts are linked together: I can post straight to Tumblr from Instagram, share Tumblr posts straight to my Facebook, etc. I try to run a similar theme on all my accounts wherever possible, but, for example, my Tumblr theme needs reworking to fit in, and my Facebook could do with a new banner. Instagram is fine as it is, as you don’t have a lot of control over the layout, so I just made sure I have consistent contact information throughout the pages.


Another very important point is to be easily findable online and consistent throughout. If you google my name (Luka Noir), almost all of the searches on the front page will be things that I run. I even went ahead and changed my wordpress URL – it used to be my full legal name, but I have established a tiny following with the name Luka Noir so I’m sticking with it. It also helps not to be named John Smith to be easily found on the net, you might even want to consider using a made up name, acting as a brand name.


Something else to be aware of, is that you have to post quite often – daily is probably best. However the only thing I update daily is my Instagram account, and then Facebook whenever I have something to show to the public. Instagram works very well to get your art noticed, as long as you use the appropriate tags for your pictures to show up for people looking for #art or #design.


I also find that mixing up some personal details (“I did X, I saw Y, I love Z”) will make people more interested in what you’re posting. People are social animals, so they want to interact and know things about each other. You might even make a new friend if someone strikes up a conversation about something you saw and liked!


Clearly my tumblr does not properly fit in with the rest of my pages, but it’s a work in progress for now. It’s a little bit difficult to make everything look similar when some websites don’t have a very modifiable system or don’t let you change colour of fonts etc. Anyway social media is good, you just have to be smart about running your accounts. Clearly you should probably abstain from posting controversial opinions unless you are ready for an online fight and losing some followers, be polite, don’t be stuck up when people ask you for advice, and so on. If you run your media smoothly, you will get somewhere eventually, hopefully!

Next: update on my physical self-branding and promo! Hopefully the horrible London weather will settle down so I can take pictures outside, haha.

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