Self-promo: Riso Printing Cards

We are organising our own summer show, and people are finding it IMMENSELY difficult deciding on stuff we should do as a studio (which is frustrating to say the very least!), but something that has been discussed quite a few times was custom typographical cards featuring the letter P, which stands for Press Pass. Most of us really liked the idea, the presentation of it however is a different issue; that is yet to be decided. There hasn’t really been a yes or no towards the cards, so I took initiative and went ahead and got mine printed! I designed 3 different letter P’s, all in the same theme. Their design is heavily related to my whole visual identity I have tried to keep up throughout all my work this year – hand drawn, black and white, lots of detail  I drew them with black ink, scanned them in and printed using the Riso printer. It was good fun learning to use this machine!


I printed 20 A3 pages of cards, meaning I got 180 separate cards once I cut the sheets up. That’s actually really good money-wise, as it only cost me £1.80 per 20 pages + £8.50 or so for the paper. Much cheaper than getting them printed somewhere else AND more fun.


These cards will be handed out during the summer show and make an appearance in my self-promo envelope.


The one problem that I DID face however, was that I didn’t think through the placement of my contact details on these cards, so naturally I did not print them double sided with me email and website. I did instead have to hand write the 180 cards separately. Not very smart, but it did add to my “hand made” vibe. All in all, turned out well!

These cards double as a post card and a business card. You can see some of my research for this mini project here

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