Marvel App Testing

After making at least 3 different prototypes on InDesign and completely losing any inspiration I had for this project, I decided to give the “design” feature on Marvel App a go.

It has many convenient pre-sets, such as menu bars, headers, footers, icons, authentic loading icons and other useful things. I wish to point out it might seem like this is the easy way out of designing the app layout/image on InDesign, but it’s actually a lot harder to do it this way. Don’t mind the available icons and such – you can not place a grid on your screen. And this has pained me. Grids are my biggest help when designing something ever since I really learned how to use them, and they are unavailable in the Marvel design feature. You can see where the centre of the page is whilst trying to align, that’s about it. VERY inconvenient. So trying to even put the pre-made objects in motion is excruciating.

After a while using the feature, the whole screen becomes a bit buggy and unresponsive, especially if you are trying to make a very long page with the intention of scrolling (by the way, the super long pages also become very blurry when previewing the app on your device).

The whole no-grid thing has really made this extremely hard, and while I managed to squeeze something out, it ended up looking like I had plastered my designs onto a layout provided for free. It’s just not there.

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