Dialogue Studio: Narrative Mapping

A narrative map tells a story plotted through space.On our journey to try out as many ways of generating ideas and data processing as possible, we tried out a couple different approaches today.

We each had a set of 30 found images (10 of people, 10 of streets in London and 10 textures) and a scan of our own hand. For the research processing part, there were a few things to be done:

  1. Process the images of people into line drawings that would represent the mood/emotion of the photographs
  2. Identify the colours or tones in the pictures, and then using intensity of tone, shapes and scale to represent how much of each can be seen in each image, make a new image
  3. Lastly, we each had to pick 25 locations within the London underground that we’ve been to on the tube map, place them as dots on dot paper and draw a series of dotted lines that link each location together.
Dot map, straight lines
Dot map, circles and dotted lines
Dot map, arched lines
Tonality and shapes + commentary

With all these tasks completed and new visual work in hand, we had to make a new image using collage on the scanned image of our hands, on which we would arrange chosen words cut out of newspaper or magazines, and then super-imposing the dot map on top, completing the image, essentially mapping the self.

This was a very interesting exercise, as it was a completely new way for me to process information and research files – I usually study my research materials in very simple ways, such as brainstorms and spider diagrams or doodles of ideas. Using these different techniques of data processing was very useful to me in creating my final image, as I got to explore a variety of different possibilities┬ábefore i moved on to making the final outcome.



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