Dialogue Studio: Ustwo

ustwo is a design studio that creates and launches not only their own award-winning products and businesses, but they also team up with big names such as Google, Sky, Ford, Hasbro, Barclays, Adidas and Foursquare.They have created products, such as “Pause”, a relaxation app, a Harvey Nichols loyalty app, the Nectar loyalty scheme app, a game called “Monument Valley” and many more.


Monument Valley

Their work focuses on helping the consumer solve problems, like easily buying live music event tickets, quickly unwinding while on the go, keeping track of moods and events, as well as helping companies showcase their enterprises on the web.

Moodnotes app

The company was founded back in 2004 by Mills and Sinx, with a goal to create an amazing workspace for like-minded people, while also holding fun, passion and play as the corner stones of their work ethic. Now they have branched out into four the big cities – London, New York, Malmo and Sydney. ustwo have a unique, fun approach to projects and never stick to “normal” while creating work for themselves or their clients.

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