Concept 1: Death Anxiety

FMP. Final Major Project. I spent a lot of time thinking about this and I think I have come up with a concept.I would like to base it off the first studio project, map of me, but make it into something slightly different than an application. Perhaps a heavily research-based book about death anxiety.

The Map of Me project for me, is about cemeteries, specifically the Magnificent Seven in London – about the history of the cemeteries and the art work that has gone into building them. I want to explore that more, as well as explore the feelings people have about death and dying. It is one of the most taboo subjects in society, and almost everyone fears death, at least to a certain extent, but it’s inevitable for everyone.

I did some thorough research into death anxiety and philosophy towards death in different religious practices to see how different cultures deal with death itself. Almost every culture has different rituals for every aspect of death – once the person dies, the actual burial or cremation and what goes on afterwards. Some cultures make it almost mandatory to be in mourning throughout the whole period whilst dealing with the deceased and for a while afterwards, while others hold a celebration of the person’s life and get on with their own shortly afterwards.

Funeral rites and practices aside, there is the whole thing of the human psychology. People deal with grief differently, and some who have difficulties grieving can even develop mental health problems due to the extent of their grief. There have been many publications and experiences shared about how people even die of grief, for example once their spouse dies. However, some people are so terrified of death and grief that they develop a serious phobia.

Being anxious about death and dying is completely normal for everyone – no one knows what lies on the other side and there are no guarantees, no matter how many people have come forward with stories of having a glimpse at the afterlife whilst in a coma or similar situations. However, being so scared of death that you ward off the thought before it even starts to form in your mind can be harmful. Research shows that accepting the fact of death and that it will inevitably happen at some point makes life a lot easier, especially when someone close to you dies. Could this be made into an exploratory book that could possibly bring comfort to those worried about death? We will see.

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