Colour Palettes

Colours are probably the one thing I struggle with the most in design, not so much in illustration. Everything looks different on each screen and without being able to physically try out the colours on a piece of paper before applying them to something, I really struggle to decide on what I should do. So my app design started out with a soft (well, soft on my laptop screen – very garish on my phone screen) green. I decided that because a lot of the photography included in the app features greenery, the app should complement it.


The problem with this is that I chose 2 shades of green and the other colours were black and white. Not very creative. I tried looking into all these different colour palettes available online in colour palette galleries, but nothing really worked. Then I tried just picking some colours that go well together according to colour theory with the help of interactive online tools, but that was futile also.

And then it was suggested to me I try one more thing. Running my photographs through online services that generate a colour palette directly from the colours of your pictures. And it worked! I put through numerous photos to get a variety of different palettes and then after analysing them I chose 5 colours. All five are quite calm colours and not over the top, but I feel they look really great together. A mix of darks and lights that complement each other. I feel like I have made an incredible leap in my production after doing this.

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