Google Engage: Introduction

This week we’ve been introduced to our second project, titled “Google Engage”. It’s all about achieving social change with the help of Google and it’s many apps, and the help of DOOH (Digital Out Of Home, which is any digital screen outside of your house, not including your phone, tablet or laptop).Google has had the ambition to digitise offline channels to empower social change for a long time now, and this is exactly what we will be doing.

Using the powers of Google products and live data we have to bring social change in the live community, i.e. offline. The key point is that this social change has to be positive and it’s crucial to not instil any negative connotations by accident or otherwise.

For the initial research session, we scribbled some ideas on post-it notes, some very serious ones, some quite silly, just to get the ball rolling. This was very useful to start with, as social change can be many different things, anything from homelessness, education, raising awareness for something, to making more green spaces, changing the patterns on train seats or even etiquette.



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