Adult Colouring Books

One thing that has gotten insanely popular in the world of stress relief and management in the recent year or two is adult colouring books. There is an insane variety you can choose from depending on your interests – there’s some based on popular films, some that have only flower patterns in them and even ones with curse words to let out the frustration. So many people have gotten into the whole adult colouring book fad that you can now find a variety to choose from in any local WHSmith or even Poundland.

The people that create these colouring books seem to be shouting off the rooftops about how great of a stress relief option they are, but what do actual doctors that deal with anxieties think of these books?
According to a couple articles doctors do think that these books are great for stress relief, but they shouldn’t be labelled as Art Therapy. The whole point of art therapy is that the person makes something on their own to deal with different feelings, not fill in someone else’s pre-made drawings, that just beats the purpose. Art can be a really good tool to let out pent up emotions and fears, but because a lot of people feel they can not draw like “actual artists”, they never take it up. They would rather colour in someone else’s drawings.

Is there a way I could take the example of adult colouring books and make something that is more related to art therapy than the colouring books?

How do you engage people in drawing when they are afraid of it? Is there even a way to make someone do something creative when they haven’t yet started doing it on their own?

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