DOOH – What Is It?

In short – DOOH stands for Digital Out Of Home. This applies specifically to any digital screen that is outside of one’s house, but does not include personal use devices, such as mobile phones, smart watches, laptops, tablets, etc. You can and will encounter these screens everywhere: public transport, stations, shopping centres, above or next to highways, airports, and so on. Most commonly these screens are used for a variety of advertising and information hosting. They are very convenient, because it’s very easy to publish content straight to them, but also un-publish it, update it, and publish it again.

A lot of us often don’t even pay attention to these screens on our daily commute or walking about a shopping centre, but they can be utilised very efficiently for more than just advertising, and this is why our project is focused around DOOH. Because these screens are nearly everywhere, it’s a great opportunity to use them for bettering society and putting up social campaigns where everyone will be able to see them.

Some DOOH campaigns:


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