Anxiety Treatment in the UK

The only place that I have ever dealt with any sort of anxiety treatment was back home in Lithuania, and I have never even looked at the options here in the UK. This needed investigating.

In the United Kingdom, before anything else happens, you would discuss the possibilities for treatments with your GP. They should tell you about the pros and cons about each possible treatment first so you can make an educated and well informed decision.

Your GP might suggest you try some self-help methods first, such as online workbooks, to test out the waters. Alternatively, group therapy could be suggested as well.

If you get diagnosed with an anxiety disorder by a specialist, they will first engage you in some form of therapy before putting you on any medication. Treatments include the previously discussed CBT, mindfulness and applied relaxation, and then, finally, medication.

Taking this into consideration, I looked up some freely available self-help resources and I came to find they can be either quite boring to go through (long, dull self help books, although there are some that are written in an interesting and captivating way) or designed and illustrated so badly I couldn’t look at them for extended periods of time. With my project in mind, I could potentially use this to my advantage and create something that is both useful and beautifully designed for extra impact.

Creating a consistent, captivating visual approach and an easy to understand, short and snappy language along with relaxation exercises would make for a good book. It could be used before, during and after therapy or just as a relaxation method for people who do not have problems with anxiety that require treatment but would like to have something that helps them wind down.

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