Campaign Placement

DOOH screens are everywhere – but what is the best place for a mental health awareness campaign?My initial thought on where to place my campaign in regards to accessibility to the public, was to use the vertical screens that work as maps in shopping centres and tube stations. However, that raised some issues because in busy train stations, people really do not like stopping to look at adverts/campaigns, and if someone does actually stop, they would bet stopping the mass of people behind them, which would irritate more people. However, because for this project we can decide where the most ideal place for the DOOH for our campaign would be, I decided it would be a fantastic idea to implement a screen ON train carriages, right where there’s advertising already.

That is extremely convenient and accessible for a non-interactive campaign, because all you have to do is look up, and everyone, in London especially, looks up while riding the train to try and avoid crossing glances with other passengers. Most advertisements featured on trains are there, just like most advertising, to sell you a product or service. It’s a fairly rare occurrence that any sort of awareness campaign will be featured in the actual train.

Image result for ads on tube trains

Image result for ads on tube trains

Image result for ads on tube trains

This is pretty much the ideal place for a 30 or so second video, featured along with other videos, to be featured. There’s not much to look at on a train, and you are essentially trapped in a metal box for at least a couple minutes per stop, so you will glimpse at the advertisements whether you really want to or not!


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