Hothouse Social Media Redesign

My first task as a Digital and Social Media designer intern, was to review the Hothouse’s social media (Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter), and come up with a unified strategy to make them more representative.Firstly, I looked at all three to figure out what issues I could find there and a way to fix them.

The old Instagram page


  • Vimeo link in the bio/description – why not a link to the Cass website?
  • Other social media channels are not clearly linked in the description
  • Icon is different from the other accounts
  • A random visual approach, quite messy, inconsistent
  • Feed is filled with irrelevant media
  • Low quality/grainy/blurry images
  • Not enough documentation of what goes on behind the scenes in the Hothouse


Old Twitter account appearance
  • Introduction is unnecessarily long and complex
  • Icon and banner does not match up with the other accounts
  • Grammar in posts tends to be overlooked
  • Not updated often enough
  • Rare retweets from relevant sources
  • Feed is clogged up with irrelevant media, making it difficult to find something to retweet
Old Tumblr account appearance
  • The pages in the menu do not work, they are test versions that only come up with “test” when clicked on; they are also named after guest speakers/studios, which makes no sense
  • The “workshops” and “schedule” pages feature exactly the same information (eventbrite links for outdated workshops that are not currently happening)
  • “Team” page has not been updated and has outdated information
  • Background?
  • Big walls without read more breaks make it boring
  • Links to other social media pages are not utilised
  • Lack of visual content, mainly text
  • Bad tagging – using both a # and a @ which makes the tags nonfunctional; appropriate, working tagging is scarce


  • Gather brand identity content such as logos, banners etc and apply it where appropriate
  • Apply the same description/into on every account
  • Fix broken links/pages, make them simple and not complicated with appropriate tags and categories
  • Connect all the accounts to each other: posts that go up on Instagram need to go up on Tumblr and Twitter at the same time
  • Utilise (where possible) the featuring of other social media accounts in the description/bio
  • Queue up posts on Tumblr and Twitter when possible
  • Include more photos of what goes on behind the scenes in the Hothouse
  • Promote Hothouse talks at least 2-3 days in advance,  not just on the day of event
  • Upbeat, approachable tone of voice, NOT strictly academic
  • Post updates thanking the guest speakers of Hothouse talks after the events
  • Clean, sharp appearance on all social media accounts, including grammar and quality checks
  • Sharing and engaging with other accounts
  • Live responses to comments on social media
  • A selection of unified tags should be implemented on every post (except Twitter due to the character limit)
  • Cleaning up the feeds to make relevant content accessible
  • Use gifs/boomerang videos


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