Typography and Text Research

Text is really important when you want to make an impact on the reader/user of your publication. What sort of text should be used in a self-help/relaxation book?

First off, the most important thing of all is for the text to not be patronising. I feel it also should not use any over the top convoluted language that is difficult to understand without a dictionary, so that anyone could be able to put it to use. It should be short and straight to the point, while the tone of the text should be kept light and friendly.

What about typography? I have tried out many different fonts that are available just on my laptop, but nothing really worked 100% to me. A specialised and custom made font has also been applied (one that I had made for the Google Engage project), but it loses a lot of its shine when it’s turned into a font rather than when used straight up from the scanner. So I played around with arranging the hand-drawn letters from previous research into words and looking how they play into everything. And it worked!

The typography for the titles of each text page doubles as an illustrative piece because it isn’t just arranged to be on a straight line and adds character to the book. It sticks to the black and white theme and a thing I personally really like about this approach is that you can see the textures really well. It works a lot better than the conventional approach to titles, yet still looks great with regular fonts for the body copy.


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