Social change campaigns in the UK

Researching on social change campaigns in the UK I found something really cool.

While doing my research on social change campaigns, I have come across an amazing website,, which specialises in social change campaigns. They are a social purpose business that helps people make social changes, based in Lincoln. The way they work is you submit your social change idea, and they do the research. They find actionable insight, think creatively about the brief to execute it, talk to the target audience and deliver impactful outcomes.

I never even knew that organisations like this existed to begin with – I always thought people just came up with social change campaigns and did them themselves! This specific company have won numerous awards for their social change campaigns and have done some amazing campaigns. Some of my favourites on their website are the #headsup campaign (focussed on making men’s mental health), “Let’s Talk Mortality”, “Healthy Takeaways” and DreamBIG. They have executed each campaign very thoughtfully and creatively, providing high impact outcomes.


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