Prep for Open Day

So we have been told that there will be an open day/workshop for people who are coming into the university for their interviews, and the Hothouse is responsible for setting up some workshops to fill in their time while they are waiting to get interviewed.

First we did some brainstorming on how we could occupy these people while they are waiting, and some cool ideas were thrown around. The main thing we all wanted to do was to be able to put up photographs of the workshop/open day on all our social media to promote this idea that we will be doing more in the future.

Some suggested workshops were riso printing, screenprinting, bookmaking, badgemaking and so on. Taking into consideration that each of these people would have around 15 minutes to spare, we stuck with just a couple of options, like the badgemaking workshop which is quick, easy and fun. We also pre-printed some riso prints for a small bookmaking workshop which will consist of the guests making their own mini sketchbooks with blank sheets of paper and a riso printed cover.

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