Google Products For Social Change

Google has a huge amount of products available to use – various search tools, books, advertising services, communication and publishing tools, development tools and so on. For a social campaign, what would the best Google products be? In my case, where it’s about mental illness and helping people to reach out to get help, the social aspect is very important. Google hangouts or Google+ could be a great thing for people to talk to like-minded others to get a glimpse into their experiences with mental health issues and coping tips or similar. However, there are people who want to keep the discussion about their mental health problems solely between themselves and their GP, so they couldn’t use that option freely. What would they need?These people could make use of Google Books by looking up and getting self-help books on their desired topics. They could also put Google Search to use while looking for similar resources, however, Google Search can be a bit of a tricky one seeing as once you start looking up your symptoms – for anything, not just mental illness, – various things come up telling you what your symptoms could be a sign for and most of the time these are quite frightening. If you google, for example, “pain in stomach”, it can tell you that you have stomach or bowel cancer or similar, when in reality it’s just stress. What we do not want with this campaign is for people to get frightened or discouraged, the key here is providing comfortable, calm access to resources. The Google product of my choice for this specific campaign is Google Maps. The QR code at the end of the video redirects to a looping gif of screenshots of Google Maps search saying “closest GP”. If set in reality, it would activate the user’s Maps application and auto-fill in “closest GP”. This is not to say that the person would need to register with a new GP during this interaction, but to make them make an appointment with their own GP for a consultation.

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