Summer Show Gallery Research

For one of our first tasks for the summer show, we had to investigate some galleries and how they operate and curate work. I visited the Whitechapel gallery as part of this assignment and went to see the Guerilla Girl exhibition.

It’s set in a very tiny showroom with all the exhibition objects placed on the walls and even one plastered onto the floor, which I haven’t seen before. There were no tables or set ups for physical objects except for 1 single table at the very back with some books on it.

The exhibition was about galleries that primarily showcase male artists and the collective’s ambition to question and find out why there aren’t nearly as many (or ANY) female artists’ work exhibited in these galleries. They had sent off a questionnaire to each gallery from a number of different countries to fill in. A lot of galleries didn’t reply at all, and some did with excuses.

All of this information is very well curated on the walls as big posters plastered onto them, compiling photos of the collective, graphics showcasing the galleries and numbers of men vs women and their replies. It was really interesting to look at and it was definitely a creative approach to an exhibition.

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