Choice of Graphics

For the Google engage project, I have thought long and hard about the choice of graphics. I didn’t want it to be photography-based as I feel my photography skill isn’t on the exact level of being able to make  very powerful images, and I didn’t want to make a completely text-based approach either, in the end choosing simplistic illustrations.

My first try at the video concept used imagery of a female face with a warning symbol and at the time of making it, I thought it was pretty cool. Then the issue of having to make multiple interchangeable faces came up for inclusivity and ability to allow everyone regardless of race and gender to be able to relate to the video arose. It’s not exactly a problem for me to draw all those faces and I did have a go at drawing many more out, but the problem here was that I felt it was really overloaded with that extra bit. I felt like it needed to be even more simple than that to really get attention.

So in the end I went with the blinking eye sequence, which as mentioned previously, is also a visual clue for the viewer. The main reason I chose this approach is because a lot of people don’t seek help for mental health issues solely due to the fact that they don’t see there is anything wrong with them  – everyone gets a bit sad or overwhelmed at times and it’s normal, that’s what they are being told anyway by others who may have not encountered mental health issues previously. So using the eye opening sequence is a notion of “open your eyes and clearly evaluate if you are having a problem”.


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