Social Media Branding

Today we had a meeting with Alistair Hall, concerning the re-branding of the Cass as a whole, and how we could make the Hothouse tie in with everything else.Firstly, we were presented with the proposal of the re-branding, outlining what they wanted to be done to make the Cass more representative, starting with a change of logo and finishing with how the social media would be curated.

Regarding the social media aspect, Alistair Hall helped me out with making a proper professional proposal document on how to change the Hothouse’s social media approach. As a group, we all discussed what the approach looks like now, what about it should be changed and how we can implement these changes so that all the university-related social media accounts connect with each other visually.

We came up with a new bio/description for the Visual Communication department’s social media accounts, which is now short and snappy, fun and simple. Then we discussed what sort of content should be shown on each different platform and what purpose they serve.

The proposal we have come up with features things such as the new description, outlining what the social media platforms are used for and what they should be used for in the future, what content should be uploaded where, how the display/user names should be changed to fit into the rest of the theme and so on. Overall this was a great exercise on how to connect every social media account together to represent one single “brand”, and just how easy it is to actually do this.

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