3 Individual Portfolios

For the portfolio brief, we had to look at and analyse 3 different individual portfolios.

The first one I chose to look at was by Karolis Strautniekas (https://www.behance.net/strautniekas). He is focused on freelance illustration at the moment and his portfolio on Behance showcases his illustration work.

He puts the descriptions of the projects up top to be seen and read first, and then the content follows. It is arranged differently in each project page, with sources and location where the work was published. Everything looks very professional, smooth and crisp.

Each project has an icon/image that represents the full project in just one glimpse beautifully.

The second portfolio I looked at was by Ricardo Leite (https://www.behance.net/ricardoleite). He is a visual designer and has worked for Adidas and other companies.

He curates his projects by using no or minimal descriptions as the projects are self-explanatory and easy to understand. The presentation is very professional and each project is curated differently, to represent the project’s own visual narrative, theme and style.


The third and last one I have looked at was by Tobias Faisst (https://www.behance.net/tobiasfaisst). They have minimal information about themselves on their profile, but their gallery layout is different from the others.

All the project icons are curated the same way as the last projects, with the same background which brings a great sense of unity to the whole picture. The project pages have minimal to no information as well, and they are self explanatory. The project images are beautifully laid out in spreads that are photographed on the same background throughout.

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