Behance is another portfolio website with a very wide audience and community. I already have an account on Behance so I know the basics of how it works and how to upload your work. You can follow other artists and interact with them. You will notice that there is a sort of rating system in place – if you like a project, you can upvote it, giving it a + and the more upvotes it has, the more noticeable it is. The layout for profiles is the same for everyone, you just get a pre-made profile sheet which you fill in and everyone’s gallery has the same layout. When uploading your projects, you can manage the layout of the project how you want as there is some customisation allowed there, such as backgrounds, placements, etc. You can make text boxes and overall arrange each project to carry on your visual narrative throughout. This website is completely free to use and it even has the option to find/offer work on the site in the jobs panel, which is very useful. You can filter the job offers by location and category to find something that suits you and your needs. Behance is quite well renowned and there are some fairly big companies using the website to display their work online aside from their own websites.

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