Company Portfolios

The company portfolio by Studio HONEST ( is curated beautifully, consisting of colours that go nicely together when laid out as a gallery. Each project has a bit of background about it. The photography is crisp, clean and nicely lit, making for a very pleasing display. They implement both GIFs and still images.

They have done a pretty vast array of design work, from publications to product design and branding.

There is a clear and consistent narrative throughout each project and all of them still feed back into each other in specific visual elements. They use both final outcomes and process shots to highlight their skilled work.


The Adobe Design portfolio on Behance ( features a wide range of work by different people using the Adobe suite. They showcase projects that Adobe has sponsored and ones that have not been sponsored by them and yet still grabbed their attention.

They are all curated professionally and representatively to show off the best aspects of each project. The aim of this is to really show off how many different things one can make with the Adobe creative suite.


The Behance Brazil portfolio ( showcases work that is representative of the company and its users from Brazil. It features the best of the best, all curated professionally. It shows off a variety of different projects, from illustration to product design and branding.

The text descriptions of the projects are both in English and Portuguese, allowing everyone to read what it is about.

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