Displaying Work

As someone who has participated in exhibitions before, I have some experience in curating galleries and exhibits. I have taken part in both art-on-the-walls sort of exhibits and physical object arrangement ones, and I feel like I have at least a bit of experience in this field.

In my experience, we always made use of only the resources available at the time with no extras as it was unviable. In my final show at my art school, we did an exhibition + presentation talking about our work and we displayed the work by hanging it on wooden boards with the use of string and bulldog clips for easy access and allowing the work to be interchangeable. This decision was made for the sole purpose that all ~30 of us had to go after each other in a meeting hall, putting up our work, making the presentation and then taking the work down again so the next person could put theirs up. In another exhibition we displayed hand-made books on tables and pedestals available at hand. We arranged them both standing up and laying flat, but there was enough access for the viewers to interact with the books hands-on which was really exciting. This could be implemented in the summer show, however, there is always the issue of work being ruined or stolen if not observed (that wasn’t the issue in the space we exhibited in due to it being in a university library with people observing during all working hours).

During the exhibition I was part of in Malaysia, the curator took over an abandoned shopping centre and completely renewed the space to be useable by painting the walls and cleaning up heavily. All of the work was exhibited on the walls with small labels identifying whose it was including titles etc.

Some parts of these experiences could be taken away and put to use during the university summer show.

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