Dribbble is an online portfolio website which has a fairly big community and is very good for work. However, there is a catch. If you are a potential employer, there are 3 account tiers. Basic, which is free, and you can only have minimal interactions with users. Pro, which costs $20 a year, where you can interact more freely with creatives, sending them messages and putting up job listings. And finally, Team tier which costs $100 a year, but you can upload jobs immediately and there are no limitations on your account.

It’s very different if you are a creative though – for creatives it is invite ONLY. Someone has to refer you to the website and people don’t just randomly give out invitations, as they often ask to see your work before giving you an invitation. This makes getting in fairly difficult, but it’s a good push to produce brilliant work to get referred by someone and being able to upload to the site and possibly get great job opportunities.

If you aren’t an employer or a creative, you can still view the work that is uploaded onto the website by others, but you can not interact with anyone or “like” any of the work, making it a view-only website for you.

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