Summer Show Suggestions

Here are some suggestions for the summer show from me.

  • Re-using last year’s furniture and renewing it, for example making self-supporting stands from the tall pegboards by putting hinges on them and connecting two or more together for a Z shape stand
  • Tables used for physical work, such as sketchbooks etc. There is always the question of safety of the work displayed on the tables loosely like that so there should either be a sign telling visitors not to steal/ruin the objects, or they should be fixed to the tables somehow
  • Hanging posters and publications on pegboards by using pegs + bulldog clips + colour coordinated tapes
  • Macs utilised for motion work and/or blogs. Motion work could be playing on a loop while the blogs could be scrolled through OR put into a presentation that also runs on a loop.
  • Labels should be minimalistic with only the name, course and title on them, no extra info, set in the Cass brand typeface for consistency.
  • It would be best to have all-natural lighting throughout the day where available so the work could be seen in a natural light without distortion of colours and shades

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