The logo is probably the second most important part of branding in a product, after the title or name. The logo can make it or break it.

Logos are not my personal favourite in the branding category because I find them fairly difficult. The sketching for the logo of my FMP started almost at its earliest days so I had a fair amount of research to start off from. In one of the tutorial sessions Sarah had noticed a doodle I had drawn that had every letter of the word “anxiety” combined into one linear object. I myself really liked it, but I felt that maybe it wasn’t quite yet completely appropriate to go with my designed booklet.

I wanted to stick with the putting all the letters in one object theme, so I had explored many different options for it, while I found my one and only final outcome. It’s a square line image, which still has every letter of the word “anxiety” in it, but it looks a bit more illustrative. The vibrant red colour goes very well with the black and white overall theme of the publication. Overall I am quite satisfied!

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