My new task in the Hothouse is to create a newsletter template that can be sent out to possible students and university affiliates, informing them of past/future events, workshops and what has been going on in the Visual Communications department so far.

After researching some creative newsletter examples and looking at different layouts, I’ve decided the best approach would be a simple minimalist layout. For me personally, really long newsletters filled with 20+ different things are the pinnacle of boredom and I do not bother to read them, and I assume many people feel the same, therefore I thought that making 1 single page with 3-6 items per newsletter was more than enough.

The titles should be short, snappy and fun, such as “Recently in Visual Communications” for the header and even shorter ones for the other sections, such as “event/workshop”, “published”, “social”, “meet us/them”.  Event/workshop would feature a recent event like a Hothouse talk or an open workshop, “published” would be a feature from a student’s blog, talking about one of the studio projects, “social” is meant for a social media feature (instagram or twitter) and “meet us/them” is for a student or staff member feature with a very short description of them.

Under the lower line there should be links to social media accounts, there is space left for all the necessary logos and trademarks, an “email us” section that would redirect straight to the assigned university email, and, finally, the unsubscribe button in plain view.

This sort of a layout is very easily interchangeable, easy to rearrange, easy to navigate, not tiring to read and convenient for both the issuer and reader.

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