Summer Show Meeting

In today’s summer show meeting we discussed some important aspects of the event.

There was a suggestion of small publications that unfold into very big (A2 upwards) posters that could be pasted onto the walls for both decoration and exhibition. There was also a sketchbook are concept thrown around, where the sketchbook could be secured to a wall or table – it was going off an exhibition where sketchbooks were physically nailed to the table, only exhibiting certain spreads. This solved the stealing/trashing issue pretty well, but I personally think that not a lot of people would sign up to their sketchbooks being actually nailed to tables like that.

We briefly discussed materials needed for the show (printing, tape, clips, etc.), the hanging systems (using rope or thread or clips or pegs for pegboards), ways of displaying and summer show colours.

What we still need to consider is how the shop will operate, what kind of furniture we want in the space, what the Hothouse area will look like. All workshops will be happening in the Hothouse area and nowhere else.

There was also discussion on what should be sold in the shop, and we decided on sets of badges, riso published work and other such items. The only thing to consider for that now is the packaging for the sale items, such as packets, labels, belly bands and other such things.

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