New Social Media!

Today, as the final meeting before Easter break, we gathered up and tidied up some work we’d started previously.As I had to come up with 1) a social media problems and solutions list and 2) a proposal of social media management and rebranding, today we implemented this and put it into action.

Firstly I had to write up a document to be used for people who will come to work in the Hothouse next year and so on, outlining what goes on which social media account, what the log-ins are, what kind of approach is taken on each account, what language is used and what tags to use as an easy to understand list.

After doing so, I had to implement the previously decided on changes to the social media accounts. Bogdan had made a completely new logo for the Hothouse (which looks absolutely stunning by the way!). After that, we had decided on the short bio/description to be used on all accounts and so on. This is what the twitter and instagram look now after a complete overhaul (you can see what the used to look like HERE)


Take note that several of the previously discussed changes have been implemented, including the changed user/display names, captions, tags, bio, account linking, visual approach etc.

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