Newsletter Research

Newsletters. I get many and I read maybe one. Newsletters are meant to inform the subscribers of up and coming events, dates and just up to date information on whatever the newsletter is about. It was decided that The Cass needs a newsletter to inform people about workshops and events.

As a person that doesn’t often read newsletters, I had to do some thorough research on what makes for a good, interesting newsletter.

Upon investigating, already I was directed to numerous websites that can either make a newsletter template for you for a fee, or provide you free resources to arrange your own. These resources include all sorts of things like boxes, buttons, layouts, etc. I downloaded the MailChimp newsletter package, but I was left a bit stumped as I had never made one before and all the provided boxes and buttons were just a bit hard to get the hang of, so I investigated how others make their newsletters.

Here are some key points to make a great newsletter:

  • Carefully consider your audience. How much time do they have to read the newsletter? Who are they, and what are their interests?
  • Choosing a topic. What will our newsletter include? How many different topics can we handle?
  • Using interesting taglines and titles is key here. We want to draw attention to the newsletter.
  • Do not overload the newsletter! Up to 5 topics and subjects is more than enough.
  • An “unsubscribe” button should be easily available and visible at the bottom of the newsletter. The receivers should not feel trapped with a newsletter they can’t unsubscribe from.
  • Being concise, short and snappy is the most important thing.

You can read more about the newsletter layout I created in the next blog post.

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