The journal/booklet that I am making has a fairly small amount of text in it, so placing it in a smart way is key.

I tried out a variety of different approaches and after my tutorial with Ricardo it came to light that there still wasn’t enough. It looked dull and boring and even rushed. So I played around with different typefaces and arrangements until I found one that worked the best. The biggest thing was to cleverly place the page title typography on the page to make it HUGE and also allow enough space for the body copy to sit comfortably.

The font I chose for the body copy is Kelson sans as it is light and minimalistic while still impactful and beautiful. Due to its simple style it complements the illustrative typography chosen for the page titles and overall looks pleasing. I have chosen to place some of the body copy on the sides of pages next to the title typography, and some at the bottom under the titles in 4 columns.

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