Making the Exercises

After thoroughly investigating art therapy at its core and the vastly popular adult colouring books, it was time to design the exercises for my book.

Taking into consideration the fact that art therapy is focused on making something by yourself and that colouring books are only slightly creative in that sense, I really put my mind to thought. And I came up with a really good solution to this.

The user of my book will be able to make their own pieces of art via the medium of drawing lines. Think about it, people who are vary of making “art” tend to doodle more on pages or just draw lines and shapes. The exercises I have designed are focused on exactly that while providing stress relief via the form of distraction. The user will be provided with a number of “guides” to fill in. But they are nothing like “you should fill this in like ____”, but rather freedom to be as creative with your lines as you wish over a provided sheet with some dotted lines, much like a lined notebook. The user only needs one tool to draw with, such as a biro, fineliner or pencil, unlike with colouring books as there is the expectation for you to have multiple coloured pencils or paints, therefore this is easier to carry around with you to fill in anywhere and everywhere. The user does not need to follow any examples or guidelines, they can just start drawing lines. And it doesn’t matter if they connect, are straight or curvy or curly, thick or thin.

Once the page is filled (which it doesn’t need to be! Parts can be left completely empty) the user would move on to the next. The great thing is that after being introduced to an activity like this the user can then go on to make their own grids on paper and fill those in if they find the activity relaxing and attractive.

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