Journal Research

In the world of journaling, there is a wide variety of choices one can make. You can get premade journaling books, such as “Wreck This Journal” by Keri Smith, or blank ones with different covers. You can use any sort of notebook to start journaling. There are ones with lined pages, unlined pages, pages with illustrations, you name it.

When I was thinking of making a journal with parts to fill in for CBT purposes (to fill in a sort of table about anxiety, symptoms, severity, etc), I considered making the pages decorated with some sort of pattern on the edges or similar, but that didn’t work out.

One reason for this, is that I felt that the workbook I was making should be clean and minimalistic, with no unnecessary bits in it, borders and doodles being one of them. A clean, tidy approach works best for this project and outcome, and I’m leaving regular journaling for next time

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