Mental Health Awareness Advertising

There are plenty of advertisements going around promoting mental health awareness. Some are great, some are really bad. The biggest cliché of all when discussing mental health is using stock photos of really sad looking people, usually sat in a corner holding their heads with a sorrowful expression on their face. Other times these adverts will have sad and happy smiley faces plastered on them, rendering these adverts completely overdone.

With my campaign, my goal is to be creative as possible and avoiding such clichés. I want to avoid using the sad/happy faces or the overused imagery such as a shattered brain, rainy clouds, photos of sad people and other such imagery.

In the case of mental health advertising, I think the most striking are campaigns with really strong choices of imagery, such as well thought out photographs in well lit scenes and carefully decorated backgrounds, or completely simplicity.

Advertising around us is incredibly bright and poppy all the time, drawing your attention but then immediately blending in with all the other super coloured adverts you’ve seen before, so I wanted to make my campaign as simplistic and minimalistic as possible. That’s why I’ve chosen an illustrative approach with black, white, and a colour of choice to go along. The opening sequence of the blinking eyes isn’t just filler illustration either – it’s also a visual cue and suggestion for the viewer to figuratively “open their eyes” towards mental health. The type that I have chosen is also illustrative and hand-drawn to go with the theme. The patterns in the background don’t necessarily mean anything in particular, but they give the whole design a bit of “pop” in the visual department, separating it from other advertisements and allows for the text images to stay on the screen for a bit longer without becoming dull and boring. The same approach is taken with the explainer video as well.

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