Prep for Open Day no. 2

It has come to light we will have another open day, this time for students from a school. They have their own little in-house studio running, so it will be a great opportunity for them to see how a university in-house studio works and for us to see what others are up to.

This time we had to prepare some stuff for the open day. The workshops will consist of riso printing led by Tara and then badgemaking again. It has been decided that Tara will make some riso prints with stuff already on them and we will provide the students with bits and bobs to make their own riso prints. These bits and bobs should be art materials, such as paper, inks, paints, pencils, paintbrushes, glue and so on.

Another thing we want to trial in this workshop to see if we can possibly put it to use in our summer show workshops, is providing the users with typography sheets, from which they can cut out words, phrases, numbers and symbols to make their own slogan badges. We set out to design a variety of sheets to be printed, and firstly needed to decide on what words or phrases we would put on them. We decided on a variety of art-related words such as “shapes”, “printing”, “publishing” and so on. We set them in the new Hothouse brand typeface, Helvetica Neue, and made multiple copies in italics, bolds and all in different sizes. Now they just need to be printed out and provided to the visitors on the day!

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