Handing Out Pamphlets

Sometimes a social media designer has to do some hard labour, too. Me and Silvia were set out to hand out some pamphlets promoting London Met and The Cass to various places like art shops, cafes and such. We set out on our journey around Shoreditch and Brick Lane really early, around 10.20am with 2 bags full of pamphlets.

Our first stop was the Whitechapel Gallery, where they told us to come back later as they were waiting for a delivery. So we went on our way and handed out some pamphlets to various funky cafes around the area, they all gladly took them. We dropped some off at the Rough Trade shop in Shoreditch and in a café opposite. We stopped by some interesting cafes as well, one of which was called Black Cat Bakery and it had a real live cat sat inside! That one was very small and cosy.

Unfortunately, a lot of places we wanted to go into were still closed waiting to open or waiting for deliveries or weren’t open on the day at all, like the Stolen Space Gallery, which was a shame – that’s what led us to leave most of the pamphlets in small coffee shops. We did drop some off at Blitz however, where a lot of students from the area and out of the area shop for clothes. We managed to drop off nearly 2 whole bags, with only about 30-50 pamphlets left.

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